Welcome to the official launch of True Science Cosmetics, LLC and our true lipz™ collection of lip glosses. Lesley and I are so excited to finally be able to share the products we have developed, which are true-ly a labor of love.

We decided to create true lipz™ after much discussion about the current array of lip products on the market that often left our lips feeling dry and dehydrated. And after speaking to several friends on the East and West coasts, we discovered we were far from alone. Personally, I was spending hundreds of dollars to try all different products in the hopes of finding one that would alleviate my need to coat my lips in my toddler's Aquaphor every night!  All to no avail…until now!

We were intent on finding a formula that contained healing and moisturizing ingredients, and one which could also support high fashion colors. And today we are proud to introduce a product we know will change the way you think and feel about lip gloss.

Sophia Loren once said "Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." Here at True Science Cosmetics, we could not agree more. We believe that the definition of beauty is being the best possible version of yourself, on the inside and out. Of course our gloss can't nourish your soul, but true lipz™ does nourish your smile! 

 Shine on!