Sliding Doors

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the concept of “sliding doors”- how as women, our days are a constant stream of decisions - and how each decision impacts every other element of our lives. Whether I’m wearing my “mommy” hat, the “CEO of our house” hat or my “co-founder of a new beauty brand” hat, there are certainly a lot of choices that need to be made each day!

My friends and I often vent to each other about the inordinate amount of time we spend each week laboring over the ingredients that we put into the meals we painstakingly prepare for our children each day (especially frustrating for me since I’m never actually guaranteed any of my kids will actually eat said meals!). But one time-consuming decision I know was a true-ly good one were the ingredients Lesley and I chose for true lipz!

Like many women, we were loyal to a few cosmetic brands for one reason or another. We had settled on our brands of choice even though we kept finding ourselves with one very real and very annoying problem- hydration.

Why were our lips feeling dry shortly after application? Why did our lips feel like they needed a base coat of something like Chapstick before applying lip color? We were frustrated that we couldn’t seem to find a lip gloss that would hydrate AND look good. It did not take us long before we realized WE would need to create this product on our own since it clearly did not exist. And thus, the sliding doors opened up and out came true lipz!

So how exactly does true lipz hydrate? We use a combination of Lanolin and Dragon’s Blood. Lanolin, a common ingredient found in many cosmetics often has an odor and a dark yellow color. But our Lanolin is the purest grade available, with no added coloring or additional mystery ingredients. Lanolin is Mother Nature’s shield, believed to protect skin against climate and other environmental toxins.

Dragon’s Blood comes from the bright red sap of a tree found in the Amazon rainforest and is often used by the locals as an aid against abrasions, wounds and other skin troubles. It contains antioxidant properties and helps accelerate the repair of the skin. The combination of Lanolin and Dragon’s Blood allows your lips to hydrate from the inside out, often lasting for up to 2 days in many instances.

The next few posts will go more in-depth into the amazing qualities and benefits of Lanolin and Dragon’s Blood. In the meantime, we are happy to report that in the one short month since we introduced true lipz to the world, we have received amazing feedback from women all across the country who are now true believers. The daily decisions we have to make are endless, but we are built for it. This even trickles down into how we choose our lip gloss. So keep those sliding doors open and shine on!