True Lipz

A Quest For The Perfect Ingredients

Every great product has a story and ours begins with utter frustration. We think you’ll know just what we're talking about. There we were, two family friends discussing the difficulties of finding a fashionable remedy for ongoing issues including dry, cracked lips, glosses that fade and colors that didn’t deliver.

Continue Reading After being disappointed by countless lip products, we decided to don our entrepreneurial hats, draw on our previous beauty and business experience and create our own gloss with a formula that would provide everything we and so many other women want for our lips.

We began our quest for the perfect recipe of ingredients. After months of extensive research and experimenting with numerous formulas, we knew we were on to something different; something that actually contained ingredients recognized for their healing and moisturizing properties, while also being able to support high fashion colors.

True Science Cosmetics is a labor of love, and today we are proud to introduce a product that will change the way you think and feel about lip gloss. true lipz true-ly pampers your lips with deep hydration.

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How It Works

A Ground Breaking Formula

true lipz gives you a sensational smile while providing a shimmering shine that won’t feather or fade. The core ingredients, Lanolin & Dragon’s Blood, are known to help with hydration, conditioning and healing. The concentrated moisturizing benefits of our Lanolin can last for up to two days. Our ultra-rich formula is packed with natural emollients that revitalize and nourish. 


The Lanolin in true lipz is the purest grade available in the world.

Continue Reading Full of natural lipids and ceramides, our Lanolin rebuilds the skin's ability to maintain moisturization for days after application. It is gentle and soothing, creating a breathable barrier that allows skin to self-hydrate from within.

Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood is just as unique as it sounds.

Continue Reading Of course, it is not blood at all. It actually comes from the bright red sap of a tree found deep in the Amazon rainforest in South America and is locally known to have exceptional skin benefits. This amazing sappy resin acts like a liquid bandage and dries quickly to form a protective barrier on the lips. It is used traditionally to help accelerate repair of the skin, giving rise to its reputation as a ‘second skin’. Dragon’s Blood also has antioxidant properties and activity suggesting that Dragon’s Blood reduces free radical damage to the skin making it an ideal ingredient for true lipz.

To complete our perfectly balanced formula, we’ve added castor seed oil, avocado oil and jojoba seed oil, which have high levels of Vitamin E. The result is a distinctly sensuous feel that nurtures and protects, giving you soft, supple lips.

Infused with a combination of natural skin softeners

Rich in antioxidants
and essential oils

Contains known healing agents that safeguard lips from the environment


Deep, lasting hydration

Meet Our Passionate Founders

Lesley Levy

Co-Founder and CEO

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Lisa Rabinovich

Co-Founder and CMO

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True Science Cosmetics, LLC: A Women-Owned Enterprise
No Animal Testing